All about Wooden Furniture Treatment

There’s no denying the fact that treating wooden furniture would preserve the final and the surface of the furniture for several decades. In fact, well-treated furniture made from wood can last over میز چوبی centuries. Outside furniture would surely last longer whether or not it’s properly treated. Indoor furniture, on the other hand, would be protected from inadvertent spills, pets and food, if treated properly. Besides, treating wooden furniture enhances its’ beauty. There are several methods that can be followed for keeping wooden furniture in the ideal condition. Antique furniture, however, needs to be specially treated. Soy wax can be used for treating and finishing some antique wood.

For a comprehensive knowledge about treating wooden furniture, please read on.


There are numerous methods that can be followed for treating wooden furniture. Before the advent of chemical wood conditioners and cleaners, peopled used sebum, like of lemon oil, for cleaning and conditioning wood.


Natural of lemon oil is considered to be a safe alternative to the harsh chemicals that can cause damage to porous wood like this tree. Wooden furniture could benefit from a temperate sanding as well. This is especially beneficial for antique or delicate furniture that’s being repaired. A one hundred fifty to 220-grit sandpaper could be used for helping the restoration of such type of furniture. After the furniture has been sanded, it could be treated with a wooden paint or stain and then varnished.


Furniture stains treat wood by enhancing its natural color. The stain is absorbed into the wood’s materials. Besides, it conditions the wood and tints it slightly. It must be kept in mind that applying a further coat of stain could darken your wood while a single coat of dark-colored stain could change the appearance of light wooden furniture. For securing the stain, one can apply a coat of slick varnish on the light furniture. However, this can only be applied when the stain has dried.


An insect-proof and waterproof varnish for your furniture is the best to maintain a newly treated joint of wooden furniture. In fact, several furniture experts have said that this is the ideal method. For instance, a veneer table could be easily treated by gluing the increased veneer back to its place by using wood glue. Sealants for wood also works fine for filling and hiding any gouges or scratch marks that appear on the veneer. However, the full veneer surface of the furniture may need to be replaced when the veneer of a wooden table gets severely damaged.


Paints aid in securing the wood after the old veneer on it has been replaced or has been refinished. Priming the wood ahead of applying an enamel-based latex paint puts a coat on the surface of the veneer or wooden furniture. This makes the paint look even and smooth.


The best way of treating wood is by cleaning it regularly. In this way dirt, bacteria and insect pests hidden in the dirt can’t eat into your furniture and weaken the wood. Supplanted for outdoor furniture that’s not protected with waterproof and insect-proof varnish.

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